Throat Cancer How Many People Have Gotten Throat Cancer Due To Smoking Marijuana?

How many people have gotten throat cancer due to smoking marijuana? - throat cancer

My friend has smoked marijuana for 15 years. He and I worry for him, the acquisition of cervical and lung cancer. What do you think the odds are and how many people have the throat and lung cancer marijuana?


Mulletat... said...

Not a single case of cancer in the history of sugar beet has been attributed marijuana consumption. This is because it causes cancer. In fact, marijuana) has been shown to cure cancer (see sources. Marijuana does not cause heart disease, emphysema and other diseases, tobacco and snuff are related. A common belief is the myth of EHV marijuana equal to a certain number of cigarettes, but obviously not.

Rare1 said...

No known cases of people with cancers of marijuana. have lung disease, but that's all. that the inhalation of smoke is common sense. tell him that a vaporizer is the better / healthier to get your dose.

Lisa said...

Marijuana does not cause cancer run snuff with
Realistically, it would be the same percentage as for all smokers

Jesse said...

There are no cases have been associated with marijuana, even for heavy users.

You can also use Google to these questions .. All identified studies and so on.

weedsmok... said...

i dont think it will
And its very rare that smoking marijuana

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