Petite Bridesmaid Dresses Help My Bridesmaid To Feel Pretty?

Help my bridesmaid to feel pretty? - petite bridesmaid dresses

I am getting married soon and I asked my sister and my best friend for my bridesmaids. My best friend is very small, but my sister is very high and the size 22 and is very anxious to find a dress that flatters your figure. They fear the day shopping for the bridesmaid dress, said that the day will feel like an elephant next to my friend. I want everything to make you feel good and do well in the day. Can anyone recommend what would make you better it? What styles and flatter the figure is too small?


michelle g said...

All three of my bridesmaids were different heights, weights, and had different colors in the end they find their own clothes and ask only to try to find colored wedding dresses. This is my home and saved the heaviest of my bridesmaids (my sister) was able to find a nice dress, and he was comfortable in. I also believe that the situation was under different clothes (for me) better than any attack of "clones" good. (To see a photo and then e-mail request).

Maybe if we buy their clothes, you can put a little more money to hire a hairdresser and make-up artist a long way to your sister to feel safer. (I know it helped my sister).

Good luck.

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