Tricycle For Sale Does Anyone Make A Kit To Convert An Adult Tricycle Bicycle To Electric Or Gas Power? Will A Bicycle Kit Work?

Does anyone make a kit to convert an adult tricycle bicycle to electric or gas power? Will a bicycle kit work? - tricycle for sale

I have an adult tricycle with front basket and rear brake, single speed, steel frame I bought from the estate of an elderly woman. Its great and the basket is the perfect size to carry my equipment into the river along. The problem is that the speed and can not all the hills. I am looking for a kit to convert it into electricity (preferably) or possibly a gas engine. I've heard that the kit is broken for a bicycle and requires additional components, but who knows what the extra parts. Does anyone know a website or a store that sells conversion kits focused on tricycles? I was completely rebuilt three-wheeler for sale, but can not find a conversion kit anywhere. Thanks for the help!


Jeremy P said...

You can install a front center "electric bicycle kit easily on a tricycle. Since the engine directly integrated with the front axle, there are almost no changes are required. Take the front wheel to replace the hub / tire run the wiring and installation the battery / controller. A battery must be installed very easily into the back of a tricycle. Here's a good front hub kit: ...

You'll also find some other options on this page. The key is the choice of a kit from the center front on the front fork.

Grillpar... said...

Interesting question, all I see is for a trike with custom work. I have an idea, but in fact, three of them: one, take a tricycle, a bike shop and tell them what you need. You may have better sources for kits or parts can be found on the Internet. The second idea I like more, you will go to the local high school or vocational school, where the workshop teachers. Change As a class project that might be willing to help and equip the tricycle with an electric motor or gasoline. Especially if you went to the local press and asked them to report on the conversion. My third thought that the production of two US-based industrial tricycles, Schwinn, and a company called Brooklyn Workman. I do not know if the tricycle is one of them. Other companies are three-wheelers, but things were made by Schwinn and Workman built large, lumbering animals to be employees of the enterprises. Workman is still active and sell an electric tricycle, but not conversion kits. I recognized the link, if a cycle Workman put them together and see if you can buy a kit as a specialOrder. If a Schwinn tricycle, or another brand, you may still be able to do a job worker for you.

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