Cervical Traction Does Traction Help Your Herniated Cervical Disc?

Does traction help your herniated cervical disc? - cervical traction

I have 2 herniated disc cervical traction just yesterday (my visit to PT 11). My PT instead of bed and turned on patches with heated electrical stimulation. He ultrasound and massage.

Help you drive right? If so, how, after many meetings.


Sreekumar C said...

He had such a condition L2-L3, L3-L4, L4 - C1

Certainly contributes to traction, but is not old-fashioned traction, the pulse of the weight of today's recommended. IFT, interferential therapy helps, but here in the U.S. there is only one doctor, in contrast to Europe or India,

the past 2 years my condition has improved after the application of care ball. They help to stretch the spaces between vertibral be some improvements.

but suggest you ask the expert, before the ball in the exercises.

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