2ww Cm What Does Increased Cm In 2ww Mean, No Period?

What does increased cm in 2ww mean, no period? - 2ww cm

IM in the cycle of Clomid 100mg 2,
I had all the sideeffects in the first round of Clomid, but this time not so bad, even if I UPED 50 mg to 100
and I noticed something different this month.
after ovulation (+ OPK) my cm dried up as normal, but for my DSB 7 cm increased if ovulation (up to 3 days a lot more) and now dry.
I never knew before I dry and usually there is always need lube for sex. cm does not increase, or it may mean for the introduction, I read that u need no soil or bleeding at the implantation.
af was due, and I tested BFN today, what do u think?


Kelly M said...

Test again in a few days. The CM has always been my first sign! I wish you all the best

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