Small Camping Stove Can I Use Surgical Spirit In My Spirit Camping Stove Instead Of Methylated Spirit?

Can I use surgical spirit in my spirit camping stove instead of methylated spirit? - small camping stove

I use in my spirit stove for a long time Methlyated now, but all the shops in town are exhausted. the guy in the tent of surgical spirit told me to try, but I tried, in a small saucepan and almost exsplosive when power supplies, and sends a flame orange and not blue like the spirit mehtylated. and spirit of methamphetamine seems to burn very slowly, this material is burned out of control and faster.


BeachBum... said...

I wouldnt, just because it does not burn as hot as the spirit of methamphetamine, and probably not burn as clean, which means that you can throw things with soot. You `ll there is much more than you would with the spirit of methamphetamine. It `ll be a headache, I` d wait until someone methamphetamine in stock.

David said...

I would be careful burning of different fuels on the stove, which was developed for a specific type of fuel. Different fuels have different heating values (a measure of the energy in the fuel), and you must provide themselves with different amounts of air mixture, a complete combustion. The orange flame says that he was not properly mixed with oxygen. The opening holes in the burners are designed for a particular fuel type and flow. Change the fuel can mess the whole balance.

In summary, I would not want it unless it needs to replace the hole for this type of fuel.

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