Going Away Good Luck Cake Idea Would It Be Bad Luck Aliens Teleported Magma To Use Energy To Complete A Warp Travel Towards Earth’s Invasion?

Would it be bad luck Aliens teleported magma to use energy to complete a warp travel towards Earth's invasion? - going away good luck cake idea

Future could be called --- Stick: Well, it only shows the Solar Energy, the oil is passed, there are a lot of money to deal with the magma or not ... Dow! (Future Stick Zapped from heaven, while foreigners and laugh maybe eating cake pan).
--- Aliens: Stick to prepare for future contacts, Thu Interview transfer "They accept us as invaders?
--- Future stick: Y'all just go, olieheehu.
--- Aliens: olieheehu just said? ... At the time table!
--- Stick Future: What about Darfur? Aaaaaiiiiiieeeee ... ...
--- Aliens: Stick future, again) in "Looking for oppressed cultures ignorant victims of democracy ... beep! (Button. And the earth will see why Ashley Simpson looked behind the guitarist in concert.


Lew said...

I tried to understand what you mean. I believe that the fate of the foreign invasion would be a bad thing, with or without the magma. aaaaaiiiiiieeeee!

CHRIS S said...

The tube

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