Congratulations Speech What Should I Add To My Valedictorian Speech?

What should I add to my valedictorian speech? - congratulations speech

Congratulations Class of 2007 finally ended. They learn the alphabet in kindergarten to the Pythagorean theorem in the 8th Class learning. I know it is an important day for all of you who works hard for it for over 10 years. It is a great relief to know that we are the 8th Class have passed, and we look forward to 9 degrees to go in September. Over the years, we have here at HJ Lassa Line schools have many memories and friendships that I have great hope that through our high school years creates support.

Our first year of high school is a big change for everyone, and it will expect many new and exciting things


puppylov... said...

only 4 years since leaving school, of course, you all can not wait until school is finished and all at once.

thats 1 I can not really worth laughing now, because I was still on my speech completion of the 6 Leave'm thinkin class

Cali-Gal said...

make more circles of friends, the challenge of learning the material difficult and realistictly our strengths and weaknesses before they travel over the next four years.

If you really like what I wrote above, run with it and write in your own words. Of course, remember to thank your school and the Faculty of hard work and guidance have helped. Without his knowledge and patience, someone could have the honor of carrying out the graduation.

mead1973 said...

Always thank the parents and teachers who have helped on the road.

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