Shaggy Wax Hair How Do I Grow My Hair To Be Shaggy (im A 15 Year Old Guy)?

How do i grow my hair to be shaggy (im a 15 year old guy)? - shaggy wax hair

Hey, I'm 15 and look Gro Hair

maybe an inch shorter.
In a way, because although the last time I did my hair was swollen and nower about Shaggy. Hair of the front instead of beside me.

Do you know how my hair and if I wax, etc..



Anonymous said...

I'm not a boy, but I just want to say that u can have a lot of gel in it. (BTW your hair is beautiful)

Anonymous said...

Everything you need to do is grow, you go to a salon, make this picture, and tell them what you do with a razor. That will help a much better and WIH design products and show how his style.

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