Is There A Fast Dementia Questions About 'Dementia'....I Need Help?

Questions about 'Dementia'....I need help? - is there a fast dementia

Ok, so I have a lot of research on dementia and Alzheimer's. But that was not enough to fully answer my questions. This is my story, and all before my question to answer, please see my grandmother and my aunt (his sister), both suffered from dementia. The signs began to appear when they talked until the age of 60. Bottom of steep hill, none of them could be treated. It was as if you are talking to a child, I do not remember, it was as if I was a stranger. They have never said, "the most me it was like 'OK, who had stopped to eat, feed them out of hand, the two were very thin, and my grandmother has broken hip, my aunt broke her leg. Unfortunately, the two were a couple of years after dementia. I have some questions about Alzheimer's disease is genetic? I will do my mother and my aunt's fear. There were no other cases of Dimentia my family, my grandmother and my aunt got it. Such are the signs? My mother is 42 &My aunt is 45 And maybe a few precautions are taken?

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cappy. said...

Hi Bree.
I'm relying on you completely, as my grandfather has dementia. It is a cruel disease, the impact of different ways, and even if people refuse to do so. You are the aunt and grandmother was confused and forgot who you are, my grandfather was very uncomfortable, because he was confused. He knew who I was, but he treated me terribly. Once upon a time, and closed the door behind him was because it was windy, and shouted, and enter the door, and when I did, told me that he has, and if I'm not saying believe me. Alice Sebold book states that the Moon is almost as dementia reveal the essence of the person who is affected, and in the case of my grandfather, he did. I feel like losing a part of me was my grandfather, when he is diagnosed, then I totally sorry for you.
But to answer your concerns, there are few forms of Dimentia, which are unfortunately genetics. Only a small number of families are now affected with one of these cases, though rarely, if sincerelyotherwise we have doubts in your family to be affected. However, if you're worried, you can always talk to a doctor.
I would not be much as you worry, honey. Sometimes with things like dementia, stroke, or hemorrhagic brain is caused. My grandfather had 5 hits, because smoking has continued, and in return, Stokes has caused a relapse in his brain, which he Dimentia. Even if you do not have to worry about someone in my family that you, as my grandfather is actually the grandfather of my step, I doubt very much that if Dimentia affected his family happened to anybody s.
Please do not stress if my answer did not help, go talk to a professional, they know more than anyone else here.

HUN All the best.

AnimalFi... said...

Dementia is difficult to prevent because they do not often know. Although there is a genetic "trigger" for certain types of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, which accounts for about 1% of cases and most of the time is early dementia and occurs most often in people 30-40. That does not sound like that applies to your case.

Vascular dementia is the only one able to take a clear preventive measures, but because it is not healthy - it can not hurt to them under the assumption that they could reduce the risk for all forms of dementia.

Treatment or prevention of hypertension.
Do not smoke.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Keep your cholesterol within normal range.
Exercise regularly.

It is obvious common sense to our overall health as good, but how much damage should not cause this can not be released to do ...

More doctors and others are highlighting the following:

* Movement and mental alertness - learning new hobbies, READing, surf the Internet, solving puzzles, video games, etc.
* Social "Practice" - Participation in community activities, churches, support groups, sports team, and anecdotes, not for you out and interacting with people in person ... TV and online activities, of course, do not count: P

One study showed that older adults who regularly attend recreational activities, the required mental effort reduced the risk of dementia. Reading, playing board games, musical instruments and dancing were to be useful, but probably just a hobby, that the brain remains active, would be advantageous.

Some data suggest that light to moderate alcohol consumption can) (1 to 6 drinks per week reduce the risk of dementia in older people. This is extremely controversial, but - it actually can lead to increased consumption of dementia. Use your personal criteria for this.

There is so much opposition to the information there is - your best bet is simply to stay active, healthy, happy, and make sure you understand allDrugs taken, and if they have a long-term risk associated with, or you can be put at odds with other drugs. There is also a theory about the cause of dementia.

Back to the genetic connection - never has shown a genetic link. Why do some people fall and jump to the next generation is still a complete mystery.

Good luck:)

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