How Do You Say I Do In Spanish Wedding How Could I Have Been So Dumb?

How could I have been so dumb? - how do you say i do in spanish wedding

Ok, so I met a man in a place called Spanish MI I know, what do you think about how someone online, "What are you thinking right meet. Well, I still did not intentionally do I meet people from there went a night of 8 March 2008 in reality, because I was bored and could not sleep. "Well I met this man who said he was 17 (when the time will be 16 and 16 in a few days) and spent approximately two hours away, and the man seemed interesting. tlkd it a few days after I gave him my email and it was easier for him on my email TLK. like a couple of weeks passed and I think we can say that I have personally liked TLK us on the phone, and he knew what he had before Jesus Christ, I had pictures. and what kind of things that he did not lieABT, but he kept saying nice things idk I think he would have said that it was filled with Guydo Ive different. idk I think I fall in love, in a sense. I know what ur stupid Thining my right. and in a year when things 8th March, and got a lil from TLK eveynight now on the phone if I only online, but now is TLK and Wen rarely that I join food only 5 minutes to tell them that I know it was his life; and probably a GF, but he says he does not. Do you not think that at least I say? Msg me and him, I say they do, then what is arriving at the most successful new and pretend that nothing happened, and it's not what I am in very confused and still feel as though I must say that I almost thereABT he thought forms, but I cry when I bc it hurts.

What should I do?


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