Pinky Weight Gain Pics Im A Teenager Trying To Gain Weight And Muscle, Any Advice?

Im A Teenager Trying To gain Weight And Muscle, Any Advice? - pinky weight gain pics

In 16, 6'2 and weighs about 100 pounds (8 stone), Bath I Know Lol, especially IV Workng It Out For A 2 wonderful years and I have not seen any really good results. I joined the gym (Fitness First), a few months ago, I take protein shakes and eat lots of food, a reasonable amount of meat. I eat fatty foods, carbohydrates, fiber, all that.
Why can I not move? I can only save him?
In Concernd especially for my upper body, like my legs are quite OK, HAV Stupidly Skinny arms, I get my wrist Pinky round and still have room lol.
What should I be in the gym? (I Do not all weight machines)
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