Mad Lyme Disease I Have A Serious Question About Lyme Disease!!! Late Stage. Please Open, To Save Someone's Life?

I have a serious question about Lyme Disease!!! Late stage. Please open, to save someone's life? - mad lyme disease

My friend told me a few days, very quickly that his mother Lyme disease. The doctor said it was only one years of life, because she was sick for 3 years without knowing it. Her mother is a condition which, if it creates a fool, they can have a stroke and died. Of course, my friend and I are the same age, there are nineteen years old, she is still young, in school, she has two younger brothers, which is hard to hit, she and her mother. But it never stops at, I know, there should be some kind of treatment for the disease not only. Everything can not and are like, "Oh, I'm going to die, we will stop it." There is no country for a very late stage Lyme disease are treated. Like, I really do not want their mother has died. How can you say something good, please tell me. I need to know that there is hope there for my girlfriend and her mother. Please help.


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